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Privacy Policy

Privacy at Our Store: It’s Personal, Like a Frank Track

We get it – in Frank’s world, every word and melody holds something special. Your privacy? Same deal. This policy isn’t just legal stuff, it’s how we show respect for the info you trust us with.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

The Info We Collect: Think of It Like Your Fave Frank Lyrics

While you’re browsing our merch, you’re sharing bits and pieces of yourself – name, address, those payment details. We keep those safe, just like you’d treasure your favorite Frank lyrics. It’s what lets us get your order right and keep things smooth.

Security: We Protect Your Info Like It’s a Rare Frank Release

Think of your data as a limited edition vinyl. We guard it tight! Layers of security, all that tech stuff… bottom line, we make sure your info stays private.

Cookies: They’re Like the Background Beats

Hey, our site uses cookies. Not the yummy kind, but they work behind the scenes to make things easier for you. They remember what you like, kinda like how certain melodies always stick in your head.

Sharing Your Data: Only When It Makes Sense

We gotta pass along some info to actually get your merch to you – think of it like Frank working with a producer. But we’re picky about who we share with and keep it to the minimum.

You’re in Control: Your Consent is the Headliner

By using our site, it’s like you’re saying “cool, I get how this works.” But if you change your mind, that’s totally fine. Let us know, and we’ll respect your choice to keep that info private.

Things Change, Like a Surprise Frank Drop

Sometimes, we might update this policy, just like Frank evolves his sound. Don’t worry, if that happens, we’ll give you a heads-up so you’re always in the loop!